How do we treat gum disease?

Technology has allowed us to treat gum disease with advanced techniques. We focus on four techniques: curettage with specialized instruments, irrigation with an anti-microbial rinse, localized antibiotic therapy, and laser treatment. Below is an illustration of the progression of the disease and with the proposed therapy we can save your teeth from this disease!

"In our practice I want to make sure that I provide every avenue of treatment available to address this disease. Not only do we want scaling and root planing, but to supplement treatment with anti-microbial rinses, laser therapy, and local antibiotic delivery systems. I want my patients to have the best chance of a healthy mouth." -Parker Haley, DDS

Free StrEAT Food Event

Our Free StrEAT Food Event is BACK!

As the Spring showers give way to the Summer sun and clear skies we’ve so desperately been craving here in the PNW, it’s time to start planning those summertime adventures! With an array of lakes and streams to swim in, hikes to explore and outdoor events to take in, Bellingham and beyond provide us nearly […]
Ski to Sea Race 2017

Ski to Sea Race – Memorial Day 2017

Things are heating up in the Pacific Northwest so it’s time to get outside and enjoy the sun! Did you know that from October 2016 through February 2017, our area only saw 3 days of sun? Well, all of that gray weather patience has finally paid off! Summer is all but here, just in time for […]
Fun With The Fuzz 5K 2017

Fun With The Fuzz 5K – Saturday, 4/22

Things are starting to warm up outside! The sun is finally showing our beautiful little part of the world some much-needed love. But even on a cloudy day, a little bit of chilly weather and some Spring showers are not going to keep the die hard runners of Washington indoors. Especially not when there are races to […]
March Races 2017

Bellingham and Whatcom County Footraces in March

With all this random snow we keep getting, it’s hard to believe that February is over and March is already here. We hope you’ve all been having as much fun on the trails as we have. We may only be a week into the new month but we’ve already had two local races just this […]

Rabbit Wilde Ticket Giveaway! March 3 @ Wild Buffalo

2017 is coming into it’s own. The snow has finally melted and Spring is swiftly approaching. Before long we’ll all be looking for our favorite ways to beat the summer heat while enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. But while we wait for warmer days, there are still plenty of great things to do […]
February 11th 2017

Two 5K’s and a 10K Happening this Saturday!

The groundhog saw his shadow and Winter has come back for round two! But that isn’t going to stop the running warriors this Saturday from strapping those running shoes on and hitting the trails. That’s right, this weekend (February 11) features two local 5K races and one 10K! The big question is then; which race(s) are […]