Cosmetic Dentistry

White "tooth colored" Fillings

White tooth colored Fillings

Here are some before and after pictures of teeth that we have treated. Enjoy!
First impressions are everything. Especially when it comes to your smile. A smile tells the world how confident you feel, how healthy you are, and how you take care of yourself. Cosmetic dentistry creates the "new you" correcting imperfections and improve aspects of your smile to boost your self confidence.

"While working in South Orange County of California there were many cosmetic dentistry cases. From porcelain veneers to composite bonded resins supplemented with teeth whitening and dental implants, it was a wonderful experience to create smiles and have patients leave extremely happy." -Parker Haley, DDS

Porcelain veneers can create a dazzling smile by removing chipped, stained, discolored, uneven, and slightly crooked front teeth.
As adults we do not want to wear conventional metal braces to straighten our teeth. Wearing custom-made clear retainers are the future to creating an attractive smile.
If you feel embarrassed with your smile due to discolorations, disfigured or decayed teeth, composite bonding may be the choice for you.
As dental technology has evolved, so has your dental options for treatment. Dental implants are the future of dentistry. Dental implants provide a strong, natural looking alternative to bridges, flippers, and dentures.

Dental Videos

We created a dental educational VIDEO page library! Check it out HERE Email us if you want to know more about a specific procedure and we will have it posted. We published 5 so far: Gum Disease Dental Crown Root Canal Dental Bridge Dental Implant Please refer these to friends when they have questions.


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Meet The Team (old info)

Bellingham Dental Group Team Our dental team is dedicated to serving our patients. But there are also a few fun facts. Dr. Parker Haley Dr. Haley loves dentistry! His passion began growing up in Ketchikan, AK. Then continued during High School where his family moved to Bellingham in the early 90s. He attended Meridian High […]
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Birch Bay Music Festival 2017

Birch Bay Music Festival 2017

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