Dr. Haley

Name: Dr. Parker Haley, DDS

Strengths: Loves Dentistry! and football, snowboarding, dad jokes, dental jokes, and American Ninja Warrior

Weakness: His daughter and son wanting to play all the time; Daddy jungle gym

Favorite Movies: Too many. Quiz me and you’ll see

Things To Do: Running… lots and lots of running and raising chickens and boating

Favorite Phrase: “A-1”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Orange Mocha Frappuccino



Dr. Fu

Name: Dr. Tina Fu, DDS

Strengths: Smiles all the time

Weakness: Can’t stop smiling 🙂

Favorite Food: Tacos

Things To Do: Netflix and more Netflix

Hobbies: Running 5ks when the opportunity arrises

Favorite Phrase: “Very Interesting”

Starbucks Drink: Grande Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte


Name: Dr. Ally Mueller, DDS

Favorite Color: Translucent Enamel

Favorite Shape: Dodecahedron

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Show: Whatever is playing in the break room

Things To Do: Golf

Favorite Phrase: “You will receive the best treatment.”

Starbucks Drink: 12oz Americano


Dr. Mandy

Name: Dr. Mandy Alamwala, DMD

Favorite Place: Canada

Favorite Food: Anything in downtown Bellingham

Favorite Movies: Inspector Gadget

Things To Do: Being a mom and an ambassador for international dentistry.

Hobbies: Henna tattoos… well actually just for her recent wedding

Favorite Phrase: “100 percent”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Chai




Name: Jessie, RDH

Strengths: Loves Dentistry!

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Show: Mr. Robot, Blacklist and soon to be Brooklyn 99

Things To Do: Netflix and underground Karaoke

Hobbies: Long walks with her 2 best buds

Favorite Phrase: “Did someone say Tequila?”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Earl Gray Tea



Name: Aaron, RDH

Strengths: Saying awesome things

Weakness: Telling tubular jokes

Favorite Website: theOatmeal.com

Things To Do: Playing with the kiddos

Favorite Place: Australia

Favorite Phrase: “Mondays are awesome!”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Mocha



Name: Nicole, RDA/Financial Liason

Favorite Color: Tacos

Strengths: Puzzles… or should I say dental insurance puzzles

Things To Do: Art and Photography

Hobbies: Painting and cooking and making awesome sauce and beer and wine and chapstick

Favorite Phrase: “Got it!”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Strawberry Refresher





Name: Rachel, RDA/Administration

Favorite Food: Tacos

Skills: Jiu Jitsu

Favorite Movies: Marvel and Sci-Fi

Things To Do: Travel and Explore

Hobbies: Taking down bad guys

Favorite Phrase: “All I do is win, win, win”

Starbucks Drink: Tall drip with sugar and milk



Name: Tina, RDA

Favorite Food: Tacos

Strengths: Corny jokes. Like very corny jokes

Favorite Movies: it

Things To Do: Kayaking, hiking and yoga… and yoga-lates

Hobbies: Bowling and beating others at bowling; and dominating at bowling

Favorite Phrase: “I have a great joke.”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Pumpkin Spice anything




Name: Courtney, RDA

Favorite Food: Tacos and chocolate

Strengths: Super fast at juggling

Favorite Show: Game of Thrones

Things To Do: Goes to Fred Myer too much 🙂

What super hero would you be: I am a super hero

Favorite Phrase: “I got this.”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Caramel Machiato


Name: Maggie, RDA

Strengths: Karate kicking cavities

Favorite Drink: No Soda pop; unless there is rum in it.

Favorite Movies: Goonies

Hobbies: Kayaking in the ocean

Favorite genre of music: 80s Retro

Favorite Phrase: “Neat-O”

Starbucks Drink: 20oz anything with coffee



Name: Jo, RDA/Administration

Favorite Food: Tacos

Strengths: Her skills at arm wrestling

Favorite Movies: Disney, Disney, and more Disney

Things To Do: Riding and showing horses

Hobbies: Remodeling homes and riding more horses

Favorite Phrase: “Howdy!”

Starbucks Drink: 16oz Hot chocolate



Name: Maria, Administration

Strengths: Having a warm heart and gentle hands

Favorite Place: Um… WORK!

Things To Do: Practical Jokes all day

Hobbies: Mud wrestling 🙂 j/k

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Phrase: “Lets make your smile shine.”

Starbucks Drink: 20oz Vanilla Latte Extra Gluten