If you are missing a tooth a dental implant is your best option. A lot of people talk about how dental implants are expensive and how dental implants are not affordable. Well here at the Bellingham Dental Group we can resolve that issue.


bdg implant

For a limited time we are willing to do your dental implant for $995.

REALLY?!? … Yes, Really. Why not?

Is there a catch? A minor one …




From the picture above you notice there are three parts to a dental implant:

  3. CROWN

These three items are broken down into different costs. A dental implant can be $995 and the abutment can be $1000 and the crown can be another $1000 with a grand total of $2995. Still affordable but sometimes there are other additional expenses such as bone grafting and membrane which can cost $455.

So how do we break it all down? What is the bottom line? Lets break it down one more time:

  1. IMPLANT ($995)
  2. ABUTMENT ($1000)
  3. CROWN ($1000)

TOTAL = $3450.00

Now how do you decide? We encourage you to shop around. Go and find a dentist that you trust and make sure you are informed on what the pros and cons of having a dental implant.

If you have additional questions please call and make an appointment. If you read this post, mention it and receive a FREE IMPLANT CONSULTATION and say Dr. Haley said so. 🙂


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